How to check and find new replacement Galaxy Note 7 with green battery icon?

Samsung has started distribution of new Galaxy Note 7 sets as a replacement of the dud Note 7 sets that were prone to catching fire because of battery explosion during charging. But how could you tell whether the Galaxy Note 7 you are buying is a new explosion-proof battery equipped Note 7 device, or an old one that is suspect to battery explosion.

Well, Samsung has installed several checks to help you with that. make sure you keep these in  mind in future too when buying a used Note 7 set from eBay or anywhere else.

Well, the replacement Galaxy Note 7 units have a newly inserted green battery icon that can be found in as many as three places.

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First, and the simplest, which doesn’t require any action, is the battery icon in status bar, unless you have disabled it. It used to be grey/white-ish on Galaxy Note 7 sets by default (like other icons in the status bar, for example, network icon), but now it’s green colored on the replacement and new Galaxy note 7 units issued now, with good batteries.

The second place is your Always On Display screen. If you have the option turned on in Settings (it is, by default), then on the Always On screen, you will have the green battery icon right below the time widget.

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lastly, the third place to look for green battery icon is Power menu. Press and hold the power button on Note 7 to reach this screen, where right above the ‘Power off’ option, you have the green battery icon.

Okay, the packaging box of the new Note 7 itself also shows that its battery is new, explosion-proof one. If you have the black square at the right top of the battery product info label (it’s got model no. and various barcodes on it), then it means that device comes equipped with new battery, that SHOULD NOT explode while charging.


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