How to Block Someone on Twitter Spaces and What Happens When You Do That

The benefit of Twitter Spaces, like any other feature, is that it allows the user to block people. It’s an essential feature that not just the host, but even the participants can use if they want to avoid certain spaces and people for whatever reason. It’s important to know how to execute this function of Twitter Spaces if there is a disrupter when a Space is live. So here’s everything you need to know about how to block someone on Spaces and the repercussions of this action. 

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How to block on Twitter Spaces

Well, there are three methods to do that. You may want to block someone from an ongoing space only, or from all your Spaces, but it may also happen that it is the host you want to block. We have covered all three scenarios below.

But before you take the big decision to block someone on Twitter Spaces, you may want to know that you can simply mute them instead (if that works for you, and you can unmute them if need be). Of course, you can also downgrade a speaker to a listener.

Block someone from a Space (Remove temporarily)

If blocking seems too extreme an action for a disruptive participant, then you can simply remove them from the Twitter Space that you organized. This way, while they won’t be able to rejoin that particular Space again, they can come back for a new one that you may organize later. Here’s how you temporarily remove a participant. 

Tap the Twitter Space that will be present at the bottom of the screen to open it and reveal the list of participants. 

Tap the profile icon of the participant that you wish to remove from the Twitter Space. 

Now a menu will appear with the option to Remove @username. Tap that option. 

The person will now be removed from the Twitter Space. Even if they try to rejoin that specific Twitter Space, they won’t be able to. 

Block someone permanently

On a permanent note, Twitter Spaces also has an option to permanently block a participant. When you do this, the participant will not be able to join any of the Twitter Spaces that you organize. 

Like we specified in the previous section, tap your Twitter Space to open it and see the participants in the Space. 

Tap the profile icon of the participant you want to block permanently.

From the menu that opens, tap the Block and remove @username option. 

Twitter will seek confirmation of your action and ask you again in a separate window if you’re sure that you want to block the user. Go ahead and tap Block.

The person will now be permanently blocked and unable to access any of your content on Twitter.  

Block a host

We cannot take it for granted that a host will follow the rules and guidelines set by Twitter. Just as there is a likelihood of disruptive participants, there can be problematic hosts as well. In such situations, Twitter does offer an option that lets a participant permanently block the host. Here’s how: 

Tap the Twitter Space of the host that you want to block. 

Now tap the name of the host.


From the menu that opens, tap the Block @username option.  

The host will now be blocked from your Twitter account. 

What happens when you block someone on Twitter Spaces?

The function of blocking is pretty absolute when you block a person on Twitter Spaces. The user who has been blocked will be unable to access your Twitter account, interact with Tweets or other content and of course, not join any Spaces that you may organize.

Are They blocked on Twitter too?

Yes, blocking someone on Twitter Spaces is the equivalent of blocking them from your general Twitter. You can, of course, unblock the user by going into your Twitter Settings but till you unblock them, all access is cut off. 

Do they know if you block them?

Well, Twitter won’t be sending any sort of notification or message to them when you block someone. But they will be thrown out of your ongoing Space and will be blocked from your tweets too. SO, if they try to join your Space or check out your tweets, they won’t be able to and they will know you have blocked them.

If you want to reverse the blocking of an account, we have a useful guide on how to unblock a user on Twitter Spaces, you can find out more about it here. Do let us know in the comments if you have any queries. Take care and stay safe! 


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