How to add HBO Max to Hulu

HBO Max is finally here but it raised more questions than it answered. No support for the popular media streaming devices looks to be the biggest miss but thankfully, we found a way already on installing HBO Max on Fire Stick. Even though Hulu is supported by HBO Max, getting it to work isn’t as straightforward as you would like. Let’s check out how to stream HBO Max using Hulu.

What is HBO Max

HBO Max is the latest premium subscription streaming service brought to us by Warner Media, owned by AT&T. HBO Max will work in congruence with the company’s other streaming services, namely HBO Go and HBO Now, but the latter may soon disappear now.

HBO Max is available only in the US though, but if you want to access it outside the US, then you can use a VPN to do so. However, it’s tricky to subscribe to HBO Max directly because they accept only credit cards issued by US banks only.

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Is HBO Max available on Hulu?

Yes. But it’s tricky, too. You won’t get HBO Max content directly in your Hulu app. Rather, you will need to download and use the HBO Max app with your Hulu credentials to enjoy HBO Max content.

It’s a good thing that you can make a new HBO Max account through Hulu credentials so that if you need to share HBO Max credentials, you don’t need to share your Hulu login details.

How much does HBO Max cost with Hulu?

HBO Max has launched with a $14.99/month price tag putting it slightly above content streaming giants, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. However, it is evenly priced to match its sister standalone streaming service HBO Now.

The add-on is not restricted to any Hulu plan, and can even be used with the Base plan (priced at $4.99/month). Hulu subscribers who already have an HBO add-on, or signed up for one before May 27, 2020, will get an upgrade to HBO Max free of cost! The HBO Now app will be removed in favor of the HBO Max app too on their phone.

How to add HBO Max add-on to Hulu?

HBO Max will be made available on Hulu in an ‘add-on’ format as is prevalent with Hulu’s premium channels like Showtime, HBO, Starz, etc. Here’s how to buy HBO Max on Hulu.

To sign up for HBO Max through Hulu, you must first add it to your base plan as an add-on. To do so, visit your Account page here. You will need to sign in if you are logged out of Hulu.

Find ‘MANAGE ADD-ONs’ and click on it.

Locate the Premium Add-Ons section and then click the + button next to the HBO Max add-on. You will see a tick mark appear next to the add-on, indicating that it is now added to your subscription plan.

Add HBO Max Add On

Click the Review Changes button in the bottom right corner. Check the changes to your account, and the upcoming charges section closely. Click the SUBMIT button when done to confirm the changes and complete adding the HBO Max subscription to your Hulu account.

SUBMIT to buy HBO Max add-on

How to access HBO Max via Hulu

You need to create a new HBO Max account now using your Hulu credentials. This is required only one time. Once done, you can use your new HBO Max account’s credentials to use the HBO Max content using their own app or on the web.

To create an HBO Max account, visit, click ‘Sign in’ in the top right, click ‘SIGN IN THROUGH TV OR MOBILE PROVIDER’, and then select Hulu.

Log in with your Hulu credentials. In case you are already logged in to Hulu on your browser, then it won’t ask you for Hulu login details. You will be taken to the ‘create new account’ page directly.

Provide your details for creating a new account, like First name, Last name, and Email Address. Use a different address than your Hulu email address to avoid any issues. Check out this link to get help on which account to use. Click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ when done.

Your account will be created and it will show HULU as your provider under Billed Through’ heading as shown in the image above.

Once you created your new HBO Max account Hulu credentials as given above, you can now use the new credentials to access HBO Max content on their app (Android | iOS) or on the web at

How to sideload HBO Max app on Android TV

Have you added the HBO Max add-on to your Hulu service yet? What are some of your favorite shows on HBO Max? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. My Hulu says I have HBO Max and I have a HBO Max account. What I don’t seem to have is real access to HBO Max. Hulu tells me that Search Party is not available.

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