How long will the Galaxy S9 be supported?

AT&T S9 Pie update

The Galaxy S10 family was the first to receive the much-hyped dedicated Night camera mode back in April, but the S9 and S9+ had to wait until June to receive the same feature. What does this tell you?

If anything, it means that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are now a second priority when it comes to software updates and new features from Samsung. Before long, especially after the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S11 arrive, the S9 pair will fall further down the pecking order, meaning diminishing instances of software updates.

At some point, probably two or so years from their launch date, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will no longer receive monthly security updates and instead, Samsung will demote them to quarterly updates. If anything, this could happen soon after the launch of the Galaxy S11.

A year or so later, that is, somewhere in Q1/Q2 2021, your Galaxy S9 or S9+ handset will no longer be a guaranteed recipient of software updates from Samsung, not even the quarterly updates. Instead, you’ll only come across random updates, mostly with the aim of fixing very specific bugs.

FYI, this is exactly what owners of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are going through three years since the two devices launched. Next in line are the Galaxy S8 and S8+ before the S9 and S9+ face the same fate.

During this time, the S9 pair will get another major OS upgrade to Android Q somewhere in February/March 2020.


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