How can I delete WhatsApp missed calls?

Not all mobile networks allow you to make free calls and that’s where apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram come in, as you can call anyone you know over the internet. The most popular among them is WhatsApp and most of us generally prefer this app over other, simply because of its wider user base and the fact that it only needs the phone number of the contact and no other details.

WhatsApp calls have existed for a while now and there might have been instances in the past where we might have called someone accidentally when going though older conversations or when browsing through contacts. If you wish to save the embarrassment of having called someone by mistake, the following article could help you.

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How to delete WhatsApp missed calls?

Is there an option to delete a WhatsApp call made to a wrong contact? Are you allowed to delete a WhatsApp call from the history? The following article will help you get a better understanding of what to do when a wrong call is made.

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Is “Delete for Everyone” available for WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp recently released a pretty useful feature called “Delete for Everyone”. The feature allows you to delete messages sent in a group or thread within an hour even if the recipient has read it already. The app will then display ‘This message has been deleted” to whoever you sent it to. This still lets others in the group to know that you have shared something and deleted it for some reason.

However, the ‘Delete for Everyone’ option is not at all available in the case of voice or video calls made using the WhatsApp app.

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Can you delete WhatsApp calls made by mistake?

While you are allowed to delete the call log from your device, you CANNOT do the same from the device that you called to or received from. If you wish to delete it from your device, open WhatsApp, tap on the Calls tab at the top, touch and hold the contact you wish to delete and press the delete button on the top right. This works similarly to deleting a conversation or thread on the app.

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Can you delete WhatsApp calls when disconnected right away?

WhatsApp uses VoIP to make voice and video calls. Thus, it takes time, generally a second or two, to get you connected to the other person.

If you have disconnected a WhatsApp call within a second of tapping the Call button, there’s a chance that the call might never have gone through. That means, whoever you might have rung, won’t even have received a notification on their phone regarding your call. You can also delete the call log from your device for your own satisfaction.

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Preventing WhatsApp voice calls dialed by mistake

Humans are prone to errors. A research conducted on human errors states that humans tend to make 5 – 10 mistakes out of 100 opportunities they get for performing an easy task.

We say so because if you cannot delete a WhatsApp call entirely, you might as well prevent it from happening in the future. You can do so by turning off WhatsApp’s usage rights of the microphone and camera.

To prevent WhatsApp voice calls by mistake, follow the steps below:

On Android 10

Step 1: Tap and hold the WhatsApp icon and select App Info.

Step 2: Head over to Permissions > Microphone and then tap on Deny.

On Android 9 or older versions

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your device and select ‘Apps & Notifications’ or ‘Apps’ (on some phones).

Step 2: Head over to WhatsApp > Permissions > Microphone and select Deny to disable the access of the microphone by the WhatsApp app.

That’s it! When accidentally press the Call button, you will get a prompt to enable the use of the phone’s microphone by WhatsApp instead of connecting the call directly to the recipient. You can deny access to not let WhatsApp call the individual.

Note: This will stop the other person from calling you. WhatsApp will prompt you to give access to the microphone when you receive a call. Also, if you wish to make WhatsApp calls or send WhatsApp voice message to anyone, you need to grant access to the microphone first.

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Preventing WhatsApp video calls by mistake

Preventing WhatsApp video calls works in a similar fashion to that preventing of WhatsApp’s voice calls. Denying access to the device’s camera DOES NOT mean that you’ll not receive video calls from others. It will instead make sure that the other person won’t be able to see you when they call you.

On Android 10 devices:

Step 1: Tap and hold WhatsApp app and then tap on App Info

Step 2: Head over to Permissions > Camera and select Deny.

On non-Android 10 devices:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone and select Apps & Notifications.

Step 2: Head over to WhatsApp > Permissions > Camera and select Deny as its permission.

So that’s how you can prevent yourself from being called someone by accident. We will let you know soon if WhatsApp brings an update for this problem.

If you have a better solution for this preventing this issue, do share it with us. If not, let us know what you think about the solution mentioned above.