9 Awesome FREE Android Apps to Spice Up your Android Phone

We just thought it would be great if we could share some apps with our lovely readers to let them know we can always trouble ourselves a little towards their demands. All of these apps are FREE and we can say, are running HOT! These are the apps we like and think you will love to hear about too. Here you Go.

ToDo List Widget

Widgets are exclusive to Android OS and this is one good way to make the most of it. The free android app, ToDo List Widget is damn easy to use and manage your tasks. Thanks to widget, your ToDo lists are always there every time you happen to have a glance at your home screen. That actually guarantees plenty of reminders, you know, even without using ring tones. Set the status of the task by clinking the check box. Moreover, creating new tasks and deleting old tasks is also very easy. It’s only a widget, so you won’t find an icon to activate it. Simply go to widgets by pressing long on the home screen and select it to get it rolling. Latest feature addition enables scrolling down in the widget, cool!

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FlightView Free Flight Tracker

FlightView free flight tracker android app

Do you travel a lot through the air route? If you do, you would care a lot knowing about an app for your android device that that can help you with managing your flight statuses and updates. We’re talking about the FlightView Free Flight Tracker android app that can track your flight schedules in real time manner and will let you know instantly (in real time, of course) in case there is change in schedule due to bad weather or any other reason. You have the option to save upcoming flights in ‘my trips’ list and share your trip itinerary with friends at ease. What’s more, check out weather situation at airports worldwide or narrow down to national airport delay map to explore other stuff, you wanna know.

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Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams android app

Did a late night call ruined a good sleep? Or a mistimed alarm put you in an embarrassing situation in the meeting room? There is some help in the Sweet Dreams android app. Tell your phone how to behave by specifying locations, time, movement, etc into it and your phone will never again disrupt or embarrass you. You just have to specify the time or location where the phone will shift to pre-determined settings (that is to say, silent mode, but you have to set it) so that you don’t have to change or care to change settings every day. Try it to get the real feel and how easy and helping it is.

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Droid X ADW Theme

droid x adw theme android app

Android can be customized in hell lot of ways and that includes themes too. ADW launcher for android is quite popular and is one of the best replacement to stock home launcher. What’s great is that you can set themes on it to suit your mood. That’s where Droid X ADW Theme works for you, meaning you cannot have this theme if you’re not using ADW launcher. We already explored it. This is pretty good for those who love Droid X way too much and either don’t have or are in line. Decorating your android phone is not a bad idea, after all.

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Ethereal Dialpad (synthesizer)

Ethereal Dialpad (synthesizer) android app

Wanna play with you android phone? Try Ethereal Dialpad android app which lets you play sound based on what you draw on screen. Amazing and entertaining concept it is. Touch the screen to create different arts and diagrams and the app will play music according to what you draw. Be sure to check out external plugins via ‘more dialpads’ option in the app to make most of multitouch and accelerometer. Cool.

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Tunee Music

Tunee Music android app

Well, do you want songs with lyrics for free? Then this app is for you. It allows you to download music and its lyrics at ease with support for all android devices in version 1.5 of the app. It basically uses storage of the website http://www.tunee.net but what we like the most is looks, ease of use and simple design of the app. BTW, Motorola Cliq is said to be ‘may not be supported’ currently.

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Wiimote Controller

Wiimote controller android app

For those who love their Wii device and its remote so much that can’t stop from using it on playing games on android too, try Wiimote Controller android app. Of course, the developer has provided set of instructions/guidelines within the app but you can get the latest updates, changelog, ad FAQ at the app’s website. What sees to spoil the fun is the fact that it might not work on devices using HTC sense and the latest Samsung android phones. Well, Motorola scores here, by luck. We haven’t tried this one but its a must try app if you have Wii remote in the other hand.

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Go!Chat for Facebook (Ads)

Go!Chat Facebook (Ads) android app

Yes, it got ads like lost of the free apps but the ad-free paid version is coming shortly. Chatting is very easy and uncomplicated. You can jump into different chat boxes effortlessly by using gestures to swap between conversations and also get the AIO view under the app’s notification bar (it’s not the android’s notification bar). A must try app in this collection since we know how much addicted to facebook we and you are. Also, it got all most wanted features to make chatting pleasant and comfy. Plus, photo sharing serves as an icing on the cake.

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Fall Down

Fall Down android app

Oh, this collection would be incomplete if didn’t throw something called game. Well, Fall Down android game makes up for that really well. Pretty easy to play game, where you control a ball and your target is to keep it rolling down and down and down. Tilt your android phone to move the ball and avoid the ball from touching the ceiling to continue playing and scoring. Aesthetics wise, its a bit poor but it does scores well with loads of fun and time pass abilities.

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So, that is it.

Let us know whether you loved any of these apps (you can even tell us you love all of these, really!).

We also look forward to hear from you about what kind of apps you would like to cover us here. Like more of the latest stuff or free stuff or best app under selected categories or games, anything? Just tell us.

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