Here’s an App to Automatically adjust Brightness on LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live

It was lame that both LG and Samsung didn’t put an ambient light sensor on their Wear watches to auto-adjust the brightness levels on the watch, a device that’s always going to be on the wrist of users. But, thanks to developer Daniel Velazco for developing an app that cleverly adjusts brightness level on your Wear watch using your location, time and the Google Play Services activity detection API to detect whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

The app installs on your phone and does everything else by itself, there are no customizable settings in the app. You may notice the brightness levels to be inaccurate at some times, but that’s okay since it’s an initial release of the app. We expect future updates to bring some more fine tuning and at-least an option in the app to turn it off or on.

To users who have been reporting inaccuracy of the app, here’s an explanation from the developer:

Time to explain something.

Wear Display Brightness was made with the idea for it to just work, without having to worry about it. It’s also still under development and settings will be added on the next update.

Now, with that said, I have to clarify something. All of the users that have contacted me claiming the app is not working are using Wear Mini Launcher. The problem is, that app doesn’t frequently poll the brightness levels from the system, and it doesn’t show the proper brightness level that the display brightness level really is at, and users immediately assume the app is not working.

If you are going to check, please give it time before checking, at least 10 mins, and check via the system settings and not Wear Mini Launcher.

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