Hangouts Chrome app lets you drag and drop photos to share in conversations


The product manager of Hangouts and Google Voice, Mayur Kamat has shared some non-Hangouts 4.0 news that will be handy for many of you. You can simply drag and drop the photos in Hangouts conversations in both Gmail and Chrome extensions.

If you have tried sharing photos via Hangouts, you will know that it a big process. Previously, when you try sharing a photo by dragging it into a Hangouts conversation, it will wipe the entire page and replace it with a previous of that image in your browser. You had to tap the little photo sharing icon and then drag and drop it to the window. This way, the process was quite tedious.

Now, Kamat mentions that you need to just refresh your Gmail or reload the Chrome extension and simple drag and drop the image to share it.

Via: Droid Life