Grab The Motorola Lapdock 100 Only for $50 at Verizon Stores

Remember how exciting it was when Motorola first announced the Lapdock thing that could convert your Moto smartphone into a kind of laptop running Android (and Firefox) with a 10.1’ display and keyboard with a mousepad. It was exciting. But it failed, not for its purpose but because of its price. It was priced around $500 (standalone) when it first launched with Atrix HD, which was obviously a price destined to fail.

Anyway, the news is that the Lapdock 100 is for sale at Verizon stores for $50 . So go grab it. That lapdock is totally worth it for $50. The offer is available only at Verizon stores, not online or anywhere else. And it won’t last longer.

This is not the first time lapdock is going for sale for a price as low as $50. We’ve seen it go off from the AT&T stores last October with the similar $50 sale price tag. And also in May this year at Verizon stores.

So with this offers coming in every then and now and the fact that the recently announced Motorola phones — the RAZR HD (and family) and the Atrix HD didn’t have support for Lapdocks — makes it pretty obvious for us to believe that Motorola is soon going to discontinue making Lapdocks. What do you say?

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