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Here’s the complete GPU Turbo device list!

This summer Huawei and its sub-brand Honor introduced a new graphics processing acceleration technology called GPU Turbo. Announced on the same date as the Honor Play, the new feature is said to be able to increase processor performance in demanding games, while also improving graphics and reducing latency for smoother gameplay.

The two companies claim that GPU Turbo can improve the graphics processing efficiency by up to 60%, while at the same time reducing the SoC energy consumption by 30%.

The new feature will be applied to a number of Huawei/Honor smartphones including the Honor 10 and Honor 7X via a software update. So is your device getting GPU Turbo? Check out the list below to find out which devices are getting the graphics processing acceleration technology.

Huawei Nova 3i smartphone

GPU Turbo device list, eligibility and release date

Here is a full device list of the Huawei and Honor Android phones as regards the GPU Turbo. We have provided the device’s eligibility, release date status and the software version of the update (if applicable) for the GPU turbo software update.

DeviceEligibilityRelease and software version
Honor 10YesSince September 11 | Version COL-L29 (C636)
Honor 5XNoNA
Honor 6A ProNoNA
Honor 6XYesNot released yet
Honor 7NoNA
Honor 7A ProNoNA
Honor 7CNoNA
Honor 7SNoNA
Honor 7XYesSince September 11 | Version B360
Honor 8NoNA
Honor 8 ProYesSince September 11 | Version DUK-Al00
Honor 8X and 8X MaxYesAvailable out of the box
Honor 8X MaxYesAvailable out of the box
Honor 9YesSince September 11 | Version STF-Al00
Honor 9 Youth ed. (aka Honor 9 Lite)YesSince September 11 | Version B187
Honor 9iYesSince September 12 | Version RNE-L21 (C185)
Honor Note 10YesAvailable out of the box
Honor PlayYesAvailable out of the box
Honor V10 (Honor View 10)YesSince August 28 | Version BKL-L09 (C675)
Honor V9YesSince September 11 | Version DUK-Al00
Huawei Mate 10YesSince August 11 | Version ALP-L09 (C02)
Huawei Mate 10 ProYesSince August 24 | Version BLA-L29 (C432)
Huawei Mate 10 RSYesSince August 10 | Version NEO-L29 (C721)
Huawei Mate 10 Lite (Maimang 6)YesSince September 11 | Version RNE-L21 (C185)
Huawei Mate 20 LiteYesAvailable out of the box
Huawei Mate 8NoNA
Huawei Mate 9YesSince September 20 | Version MHA-AL00 (beta)
Huawei Mate 9 PorscheYesSince September 20 | Version LON-AL00 (beta)
Huawei Mate 9 ProYesSince September 20 | Version LON-AL00 (beta)
Huawei NovaNoNA
Huawei Nova 2 LiteNoNA
Huawei nova 2 plusNoNA
Huawei Nova 2iYesSince September 11 | Version RNE-L21 (C185)
Huawei Nova 2sYesSince July 18 | Version HWI-TL00 (C01) (beta)
Huawei Nova 3YesAvailable out of the box
Huawei Nova 3iYesAvailable out of the box
Huawei Nova 3eYesNot released yet
Huawei Nova LiteNoNA
Huawei P Smart (Enjoy 7S)YesSince August 30 | Version FIG-LX1 (C432)
Huawei P10YesSince September 11 | Version VTR-L09 VTR
Huawei P10 liteyesSince September 19 | Version WAS-LX1A (C33)
Huawei P10 PlusYesSince September 11 | Version VKY-L09 VTR
Huawei P20YesSince August 15 | Version EML-L29 (C432)
Huawei P20 LiteYesNot released yet
Huawei P20 ProYesSince August 15 | Version CLT-L29 (C432)
Huawei P9NoNA
Huawei P9 liteNoNA
Huawei P9 PlusNoNA
Huawei Y3 2017NoNA
Huawei Y5 PrimeNoNA
Huawei Y6 2018NoNA
Huawei Y7 PrimeNoNA
Huawei Y7 Prime 2018NoNA
Huawei Y9 2018 (Huawei Enjoy 8 Plus)YesSince September 11 | Version FLA-TL10 (TL10)


But does GPU Turbo actually work?

Obviously, the real question here is, does GPU Turbo actually work, or is this just a gimmick? Well, opinions vary across the board. For example, the folks at XDA developers and GSM Arena conducted tests using a GPU Turbo-enabled Honor 10 while playing demanding games like PUBG and Mobile Legends. Both tests resulted in higher, more consistent frame-rate and improved battery efficiency.

However, there are people who argue that GPU Turbo is merely a cheap trick of rendering games at a lower resolution while overclocking the GPU. Case in point, there are many reviewers out there who claim they have not noticed any real improvements while playing.

But eminent tech website, Anandtech has a more balanced approach. In an in-depth piece about the technology, we find the following paragraph: “GPU Turbo itself is not just a marketing ploy, but rather a very real and innovative solution that tries to address the weaknesses of the current generation Kirin chipsets […] However much of the technical merit of the GPU Turbo has been largely overshadowed by the quite overzealous marketing claims.”

So the more realistic conclusion to be drawn here is that Huawei’s GPU Turbo does make a subtle difference in gameplay, just don’t expect anything too miraculous.