Google Play about to begin testing for updating pre-loaded apps without signing into a Google Account

Google Play Store Apps

Every smartphone comes with a bunch of pre-installed applications some of which may be deemed as bloatware while others might actually be fairly useful.

However, it is required for you to first sign in to the Google Play Store with your Google account to update these pre-loaded applications.

Having the latest version of any application is almost always the best option since new updates often fix bugs or add some cool new features which otherwise you simply wouldn’t be able to use with updating the application.

Fortunately, Google might be making the update process for these pre-loaded applications a bit easier since Google would begin testing updates for the pre-loaded applications without the need for having to sign into a Google account.

Several developers have already begun receiving emails regarding the new change which states that Android devices running Android Android Lollipop (API 21) or higher would be eligible for this new change.

Hence anyone with a device running on Android Lollipop or above would be able to update the pre-loaded applications on the device without having to sign into a Google account.

Google would also be providing users the option to opt out of this feature at any time; however, we don’t see why anyone would want to opt out. Nonetheless, the option is there if anyone needs it which is a good thing.

This new feature would help ensure you have the best app experience as possible when you’re setting up a new device. The feature would be made available over the next few months and we do not yet have an exact time frame for the update.


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