Google Photos could soon get a manual bokeh effect

Some users of Google Photos are reporting seeing new effects in their app. For starters, Google appears to be testing the Color Pop effect again.

This option was announced back at Google’s I/O 2018 and the feature went into a brief testing phase. The effect was designed to keep the photo’s focus in color while desaturating the rest of the image. But for some obscure reason Color Pop never saw a wider release. Now the feature appears to be back again, at least in the Google Photos app of Google+ user Vegar Henriksen.

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What’s more, he’s also seeing a second addition. It seems like Google is testing a new tool to allow users to manually control the bokeh effect. This effect, which is currently available on many smartphones, keeps one object in focal point while blurring out the background for artistic effect.

Anyway, Google’s manual bokeh option is a bit different than the one produced by smartphones, in the sense that it can be applied to any photo taken with any phone model. Even on the low-end devices who don’t come with features like Portrait Mode.

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Manual bokeh has been available in third-party editing apps like LightX for a while now. But now it seems Google plans to implement it in its own Photos app.

Let us know if you too are seeing one or both of the new effects in your application

Source: Google+ | Via: AndroidPolice