Google Now and Google Search now shows your recent Gmail messages when you search “my inbox”

With the release of Inbox by Gmail, a new app by the Gmail team to better organize your Gmail, Google seems to have also enabled a new functionality in search results to get your Gmail Inbox instantly by searching “my inbox” on Google search. However, this doesn’t seem to be available for everyone yet, I tested this on three of my Gmail accounts and the thing worked on two accounts that I frequently use, but didn’t worked on the account that I use very less. So, looks like Google has enabled this for the frequent Gmail users only for now.

The hotword to get Gmail Inbox in Google search is actually “Inbox” only, but you gotta use it with a combination of keywords to get it working. I tested the following keywords and they all work:

  • “my inbox”
  • “gmail inbox”
  • “get inbox”
  • “show inbox”
  • “inbox from gmail”
  • “inbox by gmail”

There could be a few more possible combinations. Also, the Gmail messages this new feature shows are from all types of emails on your Gmail like Promotions, Social, Updates, etc.

Works on Mobile and Google Now as well

This also works on mobile devices, and on Google Now as well. You can issue a command on Google Now like “show my inbox” and it’ll reply with voice that “here are your gmail messages” with a list of 5 of the most recent mails from your Gmail.

My Inbox on Google Search


This gets even better. You can search/query e-mail by voice in Google Now or by simply throwing it to Google Search. Following examples work:

  • “show e-mails from Kapil”
  • “search gmail for Android”

This is pretty amazing.

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