Nexus S Gets More Snaps Leaked… err.. Just One Pic it is!

New Nexus S Snaps

What, just one pic outed and I am like crazy to write about it? And expect you to read through it? Well, def yes. This at the very least, demonstrates in a very little way of its own, how excited we’re for the Nexus 2 aka the Nexus S from Samsung. Apart from the excitement, there is one more thing, though. The earlier leaked snaps of the phone mimicked it too much with the Samsung’s current hot-seller device, Galaxy S (in fact it looked a lot like a carbon copy!) but this new-angled snap is quite appealing and does makes an impression of a phone that is more of a Nexus than the Galaxy.

I can pray all day for a change in design from Samsung for Nexus S — would never want it to jibe with Galaxy S (as it did in earlier pics) whose looks just remind of the very very rival device, iPhone, back of those 3GS days.

Oh, very optimistically, the new pics being thrown to the web just like that gets us the feeling that the launch is (of course invisibly!) very close to us, along with the…. you guessed it (right?) Android 2.3, Gingerbread.

So, what do you guys think about the new photo pose of Nexus S?

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