Google expands comment ability on Drive to Microsoft Office files, PDFs, Images, Audio and Video files

google drive update

The Google Drive for Android app has received a new update that brings a very useful feature. With the latest update, users can now edit more than just Google files.

Google has been delivering some new apps and updates that bring more productivity to the user. And it’s the same case with the new Google Drive update. Users can now view and edit files from Microsoft Office right from the app.

Also, you will be able to view and add comments to PDF files, images, and even audio/video files. All these files have to be uploaded to Google Drive first. This makes things a lot easier and more productive for those who work with more than just Google Docs and so on.

Download Files Go file manager from Google

The search giant recently also released two new Augmented Reality apps called ARCore and AR Stickers on the Play Store. These apps are only supported on the new Pixel smartphones. Google also released a light version of Maps, called Maps Go. These light apps are a part of the Android Oreo Go Edition, which helps bring the latest Oreo software to low-end smartphones.

Download Google Drive from Play Store

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