Google Digital Wellbeing App now available to download for Pixels and Android One phones

Digital Wellbeing

Lately, there has been a growing concern about the digital health of phone users as they are increasingly getting addicted to their devices, killing their valuable time. As you might be aware, Apple recently introduced Screen Time feature with iOS 12 to help users use their phones more responsibly. Likewise, Digital Wellbeing is Google’s answer to tackle this menace.

The Digital Wellbeing 1.0 after a week on beta has finally arrived on Google Play Store. The app, however, can be downloaded on Google Pixel and Android One phones running the latest Android 9.0 Pie.


The app lets the users know about how many hours they while away on their phones and how often they use different apps or receive notifications. It helps them limit their usage of apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by setting a daily time limit.

Digital Wellbeing app is out of beta, now available for Pixel and Android One phones running Pie

The Digital Wellbeing now has an intriguing Wind Down feature that fades the screen to grayscale, reminding you that it’s time for sleep. It also enables the Do Not Disturb so that you don’t get troubled on the bed by the frequent irksome notifications.

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The Digital Wellbeing app is definitely a nice way to regulate one’s smartphone usage. However, it seems awkward why it is not available to all the Android-powered devices out in the wild. Maybe, Google, for now, wants to use this feature as an attraction for consumers to buy its Pixel or Android One phones.