How to track time on Instagram easily

With the availability of the internet almost everywhere in the world and smartphones becoming much more powerful and offering the ability to do almost anything a user could want, we tend to spend much more time with the pocket-sized devices than with anything else around us.

A few companies like Google and Apple have started to address this issue by creating features within the OS to help users keep track of how much time they spend on certain apps and games to avoid users from spending an unnecessary amount of time on their devices.

The Facebook-owned image sharing platform Instagram too rolled out an update in August to allow users to keep track of how much time they spend on the app. If you too are interested to see how much time you’ve been spending scrolling through pictures of funny memes and what-not, then here’s how to do so.


Step 1: Update the Instagram application to the latest version by heading over to the Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2: After installing the latest version of the app, launch Instagram and head over to your Profile page. 

Step 3: Tap on 3 lines (hamburger button) at the top right of the app. You would now see the Your Activity option.

Step 4: Open the Your Activity menu and you would be able to see the average amount of time you spend daily on Instagram.

That’s not all though, you can also set a daily reminder to remind you how much time you have spent after a certain amount of time of your choice. This does not completely block you out from the application after the set time, rather as the name suggests it simply reminds you of how much time you’ve spent on the application which is quite useful too.

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