Google Chat Will Soon Get Support for Voices Messages

Google Chat is about to receive support for voice messages – a very important update to improve communication between Google Workspace users. Also known as Audio Snippets, the feature was first announced at the Google Cloud Next 2023 event

Image: Google Workspace

The ability to send and receive voice messages has been one of the most requested features over the years, and rightly so, for it can save users from typing all the time and help them understand the context of the message with one’s tone of voice.

The feature is expected to arrive on Google Chat in the first quarter of Q4. Recently, X user and tech sleuth AssembleDebug managed to activate the feature and see it in action. As shown below, there’s a new microphone icon replacing the ‘Send’ button (which only appears once you start typing). 

Image: Thespandroid

Tapping on the microphone icon reveals the voice recording UI with a delete and a pause button. 

Image: Thespandroid

The same waveform UI will also come to the ‘Chat’ section of Gmail. 

Image: Thespandroid

Audio Snippets, or voice messages in Chat, will be available for individual conversations as well as group conversations. And we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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