Google brings phone comparison to its Search

Recently, Google introduced a card-based round corner design for Google Search on mobile. Now they have added a new feature to the Google Search that makes it easy to compare two phones.

Earlier, when you wanted to compare two phones with a query “Phone A vs phone B”, Google gave the results in the form of relevant websites. As usual. Right? Well, it looks like soon Google will hand you a comparison right there, on Google’s page itself, saving you precious time spent on checking out various websites. The feature has been spotted by few users, but isn’t available for everyone just yet.

Now, if you type a query like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google will use its new comparison feature to compare two devices and you get the comparison chart directly on the Google search page without you needing to open any website.

The new comparison tool first lists the reviews, price, color, storage capacity and release date of the two phones. When you press the “More detailed comparison” arrow at the bottom, you will be taken to the detailed comparison page, where Google compares all the specifications. Interestingly, Detailed comparison tool includes a toggle that can highlight differences between the two devices.

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The feature is currently rolling out for mobile and desktop website both. Also, presently, you can only compare two handsets and not more than that.

I, personally couldn’t get it to work on any of my devices, but if you have the new comparison tool, let us know what you think about it.