Google Authenticator android app: Supports Two-step verification for Google Apps!

Google Authenticator

Google has finally taken a critical step towards improving the security of business based on cloud by significantly improving the security in the form of Two-step verification system launched recently. Earlier, the security measures were limited only to username and password and other methods proved too costly to spoil the initiative. The Google Authenticator android app, from the Google, works with the Two-step verification system and helps users generate the codes directly on their phone.


  • Provides extended security when signing in, using the two-step verification system
  • You can generate a QR Code for verification directly from your phone now
  • Automatic setup using QR Code is available
  • Also supports multiple accounts
  • The Two-step verification system is available only for Google Apps users. So don’t throw the comments like ‘not working’ or ‘useless’ in the market’s comments system, since it’s not meant for everyone. But if you’re a Google Apps user, it’s a godsend app for you. Right?

The Google Authenticator is available for download for FREE.

Google Authenticator QR Code

Android Download Link

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