What is ‘Read it’ feature in Google Assistant and how to get it

The leading tech company in the business, Google, is already known for its razor-sharp software innovations. Not only does it command the leading mobile operating system in the world, but it also been constantly working on making other Google products as inclusive as possible.

The US-based software giant has been pushing more and more accessibility options in Android-powered devices, and the latest addition is a highly-anticipated Google Assistant enhancement.

Google Assistant (best tips here), as we all know, is the most-used assistant app for Android devices. From checking hotel reservations to composing a text, it is capable of carrying out a bunch of day-to-day tasks with ease. And the best part? It comes with an excellent voice recognition system that allows you to carry out all of the tasks without laying a finger on your device’s screen.

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Sitting at the peak of the digital age, it’s not hard to get immersed in the world of short, insightful articles and well-thought-out opinion pieces. However, many of us can’t find the time or even strength to actually finish what we started. People with visual impairment often skip longer articles even when they are eager to get to the bottom of it, only because of the toll it takes on their health. Google, acknowledging the need for better software intervention in this regard, has brought a feature that’s guaranteed to help all of us, one way or the other.

Read It with the Google Assistant: Listen to web pages

What is ‘Read it’?

Just like we say ‘Hey Google’ to invoke the Assistant, saying the phrase ‘Read it’ would make Google Assistant read a web article, no questions asked. Google Assistant already has the capability to read text messages out loud, and this feature kind of feels like an extension of the said feature — Text-to-Speech.

‘Read it’ is available in 42 languages. So, chances are, you will be able to listen to your favorite web article in the language you are most comfortable in. This new neural net-based, text-to-speech service also allows you to choose your playback speed, ensuring maximum convenience.

Google has used Stress, Intonation, and Rhythm to create a more natural-sounding voice, which, at the very least, isn’t unsettling.


How to use it?

As always Google has prioritized ease-of-use above pretty much everything else, making this feature super convenient to use. Here’s how to make Google Assistant read your web page aloud:

Step 1: Say ‘Hey Google’ when in Chrome, Google app, or Google News.

Step 2: When the Assistant pops up, just say ‘Read it.’

Google Assistant will start reading the webpage upon which you invoked the Assistant.

How to get the Read It in Google Assistant?

Sadly, ‘Read it’ isn’t available for the public yet. However, the company has promised that the service would become available in the next few months for devices running Android 5 and above.


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