Gmail’s ‘Help Me Write’ AI Will Soon Allow Voice Prompts to Draft Your Emails

Google’s AI experimentations are trickling down to many of its long-standing services. To the benefit of its Workspace users, Google is working on a new ‘Help Me Write’ feature that will, along with prompting AI to draft emails with text, will soon let you use your voice to dictate the prompt as well.

Spotted and activated first by AssembleDebug and released on his blog TheSpAndroid, the new feature will allow you to ditch the keyboard in favor of your voice so you can dictate your email prompt to the AI. 

Once you start using the ‘Help me write’ feature, Gboard will provide a new ‘Draft email with voice’ option. Tapping on it will reveal a big microphone icon which can be used to record the prompt.

Note that this isn’t just the usual voice dictation. The voice is only for dictating the prompt. After all, it is the AI that will use that prompt to flesh out an email draft.

For those not in the know about the ‘Help me write’ feature, here’s a short clip to demonstrate its current capabilities.

Image: Workspace.Google

Google’s Help Me Write AI-based feature is currently in its beta phase and is available only for Google Workspace Labs users who’ve enrolled to test Duet AI. Google hasn’t specified when or if its ‘Help Me Write’ feature will be available to the general user. One can only speculate that if Google wants this feature to become available to everyone, it will be quite a while before all its features are out of beta testing and trickle down to non-Google Workspace users as well. 

But we’ll keep an eye out for it for you. So stay tuned for further updates.  

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