Get Xperia S ROM on Xperia Arc and Arc S [Port]

The custom modding community at XDA for the Sony Xperia line of Android phones seems to be focused on one particular thing in the last few months. That is, porting ROMs and apps from one Xperia phone to another. With the launch of the first dual-core Xperia phone, the Xperia S, the developers at XDA started work on trying to get the Xperia S ROM to work on other phones.

Those owning the Xperia Arc/Arc S can now get the full official ROM from the Xperia S on their phones, thanks to a port by XDA developer zohaib0001. The ROM is in the beta stage yet almost fully functional, and includes a few additional custom tweaks and improvements. A few apps like the camera and radio apps are still based on the Arc/Arc S firmware, but the developer is working on replacing these apps with the ones from the Xperia S ROM as well. Thanks to Sony keeping many aspects similar on most of their Xperia phones, this shouldn’t take long.

So, head on over to the official development page on XDA to get more details on the ROM and to download it, along with the instructions on how to install the ROM on your Xperia Arc/Arc S. Do be sure to go through the instructions carefully, as there’s quite a lot of prerequisites and steps for installing the ROM. Share your thoughts on how the ROM works and looks, in the comments below.