Get on Par With US Army Standards, Thanks to Military Body Fat Calculator Android App!

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Do you care about your body’s fat? If you do and are damn serious about it, there is an app that will get you the best standards you would want to measure against. We’re talking about the Military Body Fat Calculator, that lets you use metrics that find their root in the US Military Tests program. And gives out the best advice, obviously.


  • A simple Infusion calculator that lines up your body fat against standards used in Physical Standards Tests of the US Army
  • IV Rate Calculator
  • Dose Calculator
  • Concentration
  • Infusion Time (IV Pump)
  • Infusion Time (No IV Pump)
  • NICU Quick Drip
  • NICU Quick IV
  • PO Dosage (liquids & solids)
  • Insulin Dose Calculator

Let us know if it really helped you gain an insight of where you are and where you need to go, to become totally fit. But don’t forget, giving a cool impression is more suited to us, holding dear android phone in our hand. So, don’t be too hard pressed about it, only because there is an app. Gotcha?

Download the Military Body Fat Calculator for FREE.

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