Get more control over your device audio with the new Sound Assistant app from Samsung

Samsung has launched a new app for its Galaxy series that goes by the name Sound Assistant. Nope, it has nothing to do with Samsung’s own AI Bixby or the Google Assistant. However, the new app lets you control your device audio in a diverse manner.

The Sound Assistant app gives you more power to control the audio on your device. It kind of provides a personalized audio experience for each app. The app lets you change the default behavior of volume keys to boot. By default when you press the volume keys, it changes the ringtone volume on your Galaxy device, however, with this app, you can set the volume buttons for media volume. Meaning, when you press the volume buttons, media volume will be changed instead of ringer volume.

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Next, the app brings another cool feature that allows you to control the app volume individually. You can set different volume for music and games. Not only that, the app lets you change mono/stereo audio and left/right balance right from the app itself.

Further, the app brings scenarios, which are the personalized sound settings based on time. These settings will apply automatically at the set time.

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In addition to that, the app boasts of 150 steps of fine volume control and supports Floating Equalizer(EQ). Despite how cool the app sounds, there is a catch. It is available only for Galaxy devices running Android 7.0 and above.

Download Sound Assistant app