Genshin Impact Sparkling Steps: Is Klee Banner Worth Wishing on?

If you love playing games or keep a watch on gaming, then then you have probably heard of Genshin Impact. It’s the new multiplayer RPG in town that comes with tons of improvements and features that have never been seen before. Genshin Impact uses a gacha mechanic to award players with in-game items and characters and to do this the game introduces new banners.

An upcoming banner in the game is bringing a much-hyped character to players; Klee. Let’s take a quick look at her.

What is the Klee Banner/ Sparkling Steps in Genshin Impact?

Sparkling steps is the new banner in the game with Klee as a new character. Klee is the new level 5 character. Given the rarity of such characters, you will be guaranteed to get her, if you roll 90 times considering the pity rate for such a banner.

While I may have informed earlier readers that pity does not carry over, it turns out that it does carry over. Someone on Reddit reached out to the developers on discord and they indeed confirmed that your pity from the previous banner will carry over to the new one in case you haven’t pulled a 5-star character yet. Sincere apologies to all the players that might be affected by this mistake.

If you have been building up your pity rate, then you should be able to use it with the new Klee banner starting today. You can check your past purchases using the ‘History’ option at the bottom of your screen when viewing all the available event banners.

Klee Banner Release date and time

The new Klee banner will launch on October 20th 18:00 server time (for China) and lasts till November 9th.

Should you wish on Klee Banner?

Given the gacha mechanics in the game, a pertinent question to ask is if it’s worth rolling on the banner in the hopes of getting Klee. First, here is some basic information about Klee.

She is a 5 start character and a pyro user. This particular character type in the game is very useful given her character rating but might not be ideal for novice users and new players in the game.

Her primary weapon is magic which deals a large Area of Effect (AoE) damage, which is her playstyle. This means that for large groups of enemies she will be lethal and can be best used when paired up with other characters as she benefits from elemental reactions.

On the other hand, Klee is only proficient in ranged combat, this means that she is quite vulnerable in close-ranged combat. Moreover, her defense stats are lower than many initial characters awarded to players.

Add to that the fact that her multiplier is only useable when paired with another pyro type and you have a character that requires a lot of prowess and in-game knowledge to master.

Additionally, Klee being a 5-star character means that you will have to spend a significant amount to have a chance of getting her. This is why Klee is not an advisable character for novice users and players who are just starting in the game.

We recommend you build up your unit, build your playstyle, familiarize yourself with other characters. This will help you build up your own game style and playing strategies that might or might not sit well with a character like Klee.

So, once you have your strategies and team in place, you can then accordingly wish for Klee if she is a suitable addition to your team.

Subsequently, Klee is a great addition for experienced players that are looking for a team member that can deal ranged damage during a match. Additionally, if you have a powerful pyro master on your team then you can add Klee to your team for a tremendous damage bonus. Adding Klee alongside another Pyro character will give your entire team a 25% damage bonus.

Are there any other characters in the Sparkling Steps banner?

Yes, while Klee maybe the featured 5-star character of this banner, there are a few more characters that you have a chance of getting. You have the chance of winning following other characters under this banner.

  • Xingqiu: 4-star | Weapon: Hydro Sword
  • Noelle: 4-star | Weapon: Geo Claymore
  • Xiangling: 4-star | Weapon: Pyro Polearm

We hope this post helped you get familiar with the upcoming Sparkling Steps banner featuring Klee. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.

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  1. Keep in mind that your previous rolls on the Venti banner will not be transferred to this banner. This means that the pity you have generated on the Venti banner will be lost and you will have to start again for the Sparkling Steps banner.

    Dude… We have discussed this thoroughly in Reddit and confirmed from various sources that the pity WILL CARRY FORWARD. Please don’t spread false info about this.

    Kindly join the forums or the official subreddit for clarification. Doing these kind of statements is such a turn off for this website and makes future players reading this confused.

    1. Hey Patrick,

      Sorry about this blunder and thank you so much for pointing this out.
      I had been keeping an eye on the official channels myself but by the time this was published,
      there was no concrete information available. Thank you again for bringing this to light.

      I was able to find miHoYo’s official response on the beta discord channel through Reddit
      today and I have made the necessary changes to the post.

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