Galaxy S8 release date seemingly confirmed for mid-April, while small batch to be out in February-March

If you remember, LG earlier preponed its G6 release date by a month to February-end or early-March, a news that nearly coincided with the Galaxy S8’s delayed April release story. It was apparent that LG was looking to take advantage of Samsung pushing the launch of Galaxy S8, which is quite fitting, but it seems Samsung has got some of its own plans for February and March too.

We’re hearing rumors that Samsung has confirmed to industry insiders that mid-April launch is fix for the Galaxy S8, when it could begin shipping its first batch of 5 million unitstotal target is 60 million units, BTW.

But bigger news is that Samsung also has heart set on unveiling the device, in fact releasing some units of the Galaxy S8, as early as February, and March 2017.

We gotta wait up and see what happens, but the whole Galaxy S8 story just got far more interesting.

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If Samsung is able to unveil the device, would it do that at MWC, where LG G6 and new Sony Xperia sets would be also be given official status. Would LG’s earlier than usual release of G6 bring out fruits for the company now, if Samsung unveils the S8 in February too? Let’s see. And we’ve got the HTC Ocean coming too, which would use gestures actions on its sides (which doesn’t features any buttons) to let you interact with the device.

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