Galaxy S8 concept shows what Samsung executive wanted to tell you


Well, we know you are already drooling over the concept of Galaxy S8 above. It’s been rumored for long that there wouldn’t be flat version of the Galaxy S8, with regular S8 taking note from Note 7’s books, while Galaxy S8 Edge retaining its s7-edge-like curvy edges.

Further, you recently had Samsung’s VP of Mobile, Lee Kyeong-tae, let you know that the S8 will feature a slick design and an improved camera. The concept truly shows what a slick Galaxy S8 would look like.


In the concept, the Galaxy S8 looks to have a really great screen-to-body ratio, so much that it could even beat the record-setter Mi Mix for that.

The logo, the metal frame at bottom, bottom-firing speakers, everything looks so perfect. Right?

Anyway, we have covered every bit of the Galaxy S8 news and rumors, including the specs and expected launch date, which you can find at the links below.

Via Weibo

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