Galaxy S3 Sales: 20 million in 100 days, says Samsung

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 after an unprecedented amount of hype, it was met with acclaim and was assured to go on to become a best-seller, with 10 million Galaxy S3 having been sold in 50 days after it was launched. And that number has only doubled and continues to rise, as Samsung has announced that it has sold 20 million Galaxy S3’s, 100 days after its launch.

The Galaxy S3 is selling almost three times as fast as the Galaxy S2, and a whopping 6 times faster than the original Galaxy S that started Samsung’s rise to dominance in the Android market. The Galaxy S3 also had a few advantages at its side, including being the first Android device to have launched on almost every carrier, as well as having amazing specs as well as software features compared to any other device on the market at the time.

Yes, Samsung is in a bit of trouble what with all the lawsuits and losing to Apple in California in the most important legal tech battle ever (though they aren’t losing in other countries), but they did it right with the Galaxy S3, and it shows. Here’s a toast to the success of the Galaxy S3, and another to many more sales to come!