Galaxy S3 Colors Found in Leaked Document — Blue and White. Yippee!

Okay, hopefully the last leak before Samsung’s oh so hyped and awaited unveiling of the Galaxy S3. According to leaked documents from the inventory system of Carphone Warehouse, the Galaxy S3 will come out in two colours, blue and white. Samsung may have finally done away with their all-black colour, or maybe an all-black variant of the S3 will exist as well.

White versions of new Samsung devices usually take a few months to come out after the release of the device, so this will probably be the first time a white version of a Samsung phone comes out at launch time, which will be great for people who like their devices all white. The blue variant will probably sport the carbon blue as found on the AT&T Galaxy Note, which looks almost black but with a blue tint in specific lighting. However, what actually comes to pass will be confirmed tomorrow during the Unpacked 2012 event in London, so one will have to wait and watch.

So, excited that the white version of the Galaxy S3 will be available when it’s launcher or are you a fan of all-black coloured devices? Let us know in the comments.