Report: Samsung to ditch the headphone jack in Galaxy S11

Galaxy S10

Samsung seems to have taken the dreaded decision of discarding the 3.5mm headphone jack from its upcoming flagship devices.

As per leaks, Samsung’s upcoming juggernauts, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, will not have the beloved headphone jack, which goes on to show how serious the South Korean company is about the transition.

Back in 2016, Apple got a lot of heat when it decided to ditch the conventional headphone jack and use a multipurpose lightning port. Samsung, on the other hand, has remained true to their roots and kept things old school even up until 2019. But now, if reports are to be believed, Galaxy S10 is set to be the last Samsung flagship with the 3.5mm connector.

Samsung’s Note series has always catered to the uncompromising power users, and if the company is prepared to toss the headphone jack in the Note 10 and Note Pro, there is very little hope for the Galaxy S11.

Removing the jack could allow Samsung to fit in a larger battery while making the devices slimmer than they currently are. So, there are obviously a couple of upsides to this change, but the conglomerate would probably need to offer a freebie or two to keep its user base satisfied.

Samsung gave away Galaxy Buds for free or at a reduced price with pre-orders for the Galaxy S10 and adopting a similar policy next year could earn them a few brownie points. It’s difficult to imagine a world without the 3.5mm headphone jack, but after Samsung’s latest decision, we seem to be nearly at the end of the road.

The Galaxy S11 may not feature the latest tech in the camera hardware in under display selfie camera as it’s rumored to keep the same design as the S10’s hole punch camera cutout. Moreover, the S11’s codename is said to be Picasso, according to previous rumors.

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