Galaxy Note FE could release globally later this month, supplies limited in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note FE, the refurbished version of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, made a successful debut in South Korea on July 7th.  In the past one week, the phone has garnered positive response with demands scaling high. Samsung had earlier announced that it would sell 400,000 units of the phone and it intends to stick to this number.

Therefore, keeping the huge demand aside, which the refurbished Gaalaxy Note 7 has managed to attract post its release, the Korean manufacturer has confirmed that it will not roll out more Galaxy Note FE thus limiting the supplies.

The Investor quoted a Samsung official as saying:

We have no plans to roll out more Note FE phones in Korea.

At the same time, The Investor reports citing sources that Samsung might release the Galaxy Note FE globally later this month.

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The immense success of the new Note can be concluded from the fact that the number of new mobile subscribers in Korea has increased to 24,000 a day since the launch of Note FE on July 7th. Notably, the average mobile subscribers per day in the country stand at only 15,000.

Industry watchers are citing the entry of the new Samsung device as the reason behind this upsurge, although there’s no official data to claim this. Also given the fact that there have been no new launches in recent weeks, the only device the new mobile subscribers can go for is the Note FE.

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As per The Investor report, Blue Onyx and Blue Coral Galaxy Note FE are the ones selling like hot cakes. Also, the 699,600 won/ $608 price tag attached with the device, which is  about 20 percent cheaper than the original Note 7, is another factor customers are going for it.

Now even at that reduced price, the Note FE bears all the features seen on Galaxy Note 7, except for the battery capacity which has been reduced from 3,500 mAh to 3,200 mAh. In fact, on the software front the device gets an upgrade to Android Nougat OS and the inclusion of Samsung’s first artificial intelligence assistant Bixby.

Via: The Investor

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