Galaxy Note 8 may feature 256GB of storage as Samsung begins mass production of 256GB V-NAND Memory chips

In the new development to the upcoming phablet from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may feature 256GB of internal storage.

We say this because, according to the report in The Business Wire, Samsung has begun mass production of 256GB V-NAND Memory chips, which indicates it might feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 8, set to release in August.

Presently, 48-layer 3-bit 256GB V-NAND flash is Samsung’s fastest chip. Compared to 48-layer 3-bit 256GB V-NAND flash, the upcoming 64-layer 3-bit 256Gb V-NAND memory chip is better in four areas.

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Firstly, the 64 layer chip has a data transfer speed of 1Gbps (gigabit per second) which makes it 1.5 times faster than 48 layer chip. Secondly, the 64 layer chip gives 30 percent more productivity gain than its predecessor. Thirdly, the new chip has greater energy efficiency thanks to the 2.5V input voltage. Lastly, the new chip is about 20% more reliable than 48-layer 3-bit 256GB V-NAND flash.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also feature the upcoming Snapdragon 836 processor, which is an incremental successor to Snapdragon 835 processor. Looking at the recently leaked specs, Galaxy Note 8 seems to be a powerful comeback by Samsung, after Note 7 debacle.

Source: The Business Wire