Galaxy Note 10 might charge 3 times faster than the Galaxy S10

Galaxy note 10 fast charging leak

Another big spec hint was dropped by popular tipster IceUniverse recently about what we can expect in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

We have known this for quite some time that the Note 10 is allegedly codenamed Da Vinci internally at Samsung. This particular tweet shows what is an uncanny lookalike of Da Vinci (if you refer to his self-portrait, you’ll know what we mean) along with a binary number 101101 that a Twitter user deciphered to get 45 as the answer.

The lightning bolt in the creative that was uploaded by IceUniverse coupled with the code number 45 leads us to believe that the Note 1o is aiming at extremely fast charging at a cool 45W rate as a special feature, making it a great choice for any prospective phone buyers.

To put that in context, let us tell you that Samsung’s own 2019 flagship, the Galaxy S10, charges at just 15W, while the industry leader in this, the OnePlus 7 Pro, comes with fast charging tech called warp charge that fets you 30W fast charging.

If Samsung manages to install a 45W fast charging into Note 10, that will 3 times the Galaxy S10, and 1.5 times the current best in 7 Pro. FYI, the Galaxy S10 5G supports 25W fast charging, and Samsung is thought to be enabling this for the S10, S10 Plus and S10e too.

While this is just a rumor and ti may not turn out true, but given the Ice Universe command in this fairyland, we believe the chances are more than not fo this coming true.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a key figure of the Italian Renaissance and also one of the most prominent contributors to his times. Samsung is planning something really grand under the hood and it will be interesting to see what the Note 10 will bring to the flagship table.


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