Galaxy C9 launcher lets you put an app on sleep/freeze or set password from homescreen

On the Galaxy C9 Pro, which is getting a new black color and is set for Europe release soon, you can long press the app icon on Launcher to get a list of incredibly cool options.

Using this menu, you can put the app to sleep (so that its not updated in background, saving on data and battery usage), or even set a password to open the app.

You can also add the app to ‘Secure Folder‘ — a feature rumored to arrive on Galaxy S7 with Nougat update — directly from the launcher using ling-press on app’s icon.

Other options include more traditional ones, like app info and remove icon.

Samsung is set to release the Android 7 update for Galaxy S7 Edge too along with Galaxy S7 this month, and here’s a hoping that this feature makes the cut too in the Android 7.1.1 update., which already seems under testing at Vodafone Australia.

Via Weibo

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