Android 9 Pie with One UI for Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus is coming soon!

Samsung in 2019 has stepped on the accelerator for updating its smartphones to a newer version of Android. Recently, it put forth its road-map for the Android Pie updates to its devices.

Accordingly, the Galaxy A6 and A6+ were slated to get the new Android flavor in March this year. And it looks like the company is right on track to meet the target deadline.

Only yesterday the Samsung Galaxy A6, carrying the model number SM-A600N, was spotted on Geekbench, running Android 9 Pie. And now its Plus variant, the Galaxy A6+, bearing the model number SM-A605F (and many more), has also been seen on Wi-Fi Alliance with Android 9.

This is indicative of the fact that the official Android 9 Pie update is already being put through the testing stages and a final rollout may not be far off.

Nevertheless, as of now, it is not clear if a beta update will precede the stable rollout of the Android Pie for these handsets. Android Pie with One UI overlay will add new features such as new navigation tools, adaptive batteries, and brightness as well as a honed-up settings option.

Meanwhile, Samsung has released Android Pie beta 2 for the global models of the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 and S8+. But unfortunately, the current flagships, the Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9 are still awaiting their share of stable Android Pie in the United States as they are still running beta version.

Galaxy A6 Plus running Android 9 Pie appears on Geekbench too!

Galaxy A6 Plus Android Pie

We told you above about the standard Galaxy A6 appearing on the Geekbench running Android 9 Pie but today, we got the glimpse of Galaxy A6 Plus too on the benchmark website, running — you guessed it — Android 9 Pie.

See that screenshot above? That’s your Galaxy A6 Plus (SM-A605FN) for Europe.

If you rock a Galaxy A6 at T-Mobile, well, once the update is out for the European variant, it wouldn’t take T-Mobile more than 3-4 weeks to begin rolling out the update for their own variant.