Force Reboot or Shutdown Moto G 3rd Gen

Even though powered by a very good software, your Moto G 3rd Gen could still hang in some rare cases. We said very good software because this is near-pure stock Android OS from Motorola, with its minimal customization that is mostly very productive.

But you may still need the tricky way out of situation when your Moto G 3rd Gen could stop responding, and hangs on one screen, to able to force reboot it out of the problem.

It’s very much possible that the app you downloaded recently from Play Store turned out be a sourly buggy one, causing your phone to stop responding to touch.

In such cases — whatever the reason be actually — if your Moto G 3rd Gen gets stuck at one screen, or lagging too badly, you need to force it to shutdown and then restart to get it back to life.

Because Moto G 3rd Gen battery is not removable, you have to do a force reboot. It can be done by forcing a shutdown of the device, followed by normal restart — that’s all you could do to get it working again. So, let’s see how to force Moto G 3rd Gen to shutdown and restart.

How to Force Reboot Moto G 3rd Gen

→ Well, it’s very simple. Just hold the power button for 8 seconds, and your Moto G 3rd Gen will reboot itself. That should the trick for you.

If you want to shutdown it now, let it restart and then power off normally as you always do. Hold the power button for a second, and then tap on Power off option from the pop-up. When it’s on, btw, be sure to uninstall the app that caused the device to hang/lag badly.

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