How to Fix Google Play Services error on CM13, CM14 and other AOSP ROMs

Unable setup your newly installed CyanogenMod ROM or other AOSP based ROMs properly due to Google Play Services error? Well, you’re not alone.

Google Play Services often gives error during the initial setup even when flashed with the correct GApps package. But thanks to user hostagedead over at xda, who figured out the root cause of the error and also posted a simple fix for it.

Apparently, the reason why Google Play Services gives an error on CM13/14 is the improper implementation of Google Webview or the lack of it. But you can easily fix this by going your phone’s Developer options under settings.

How to Fix Google Play Services Error on CM13, CM14 and other roms

  1. Make a fresh install of your CM13 or CM14/14.1 ROM. But do NOT install any GApps package yet.
  2. Boot phone and setup without logging into any account.
  3. Enable Developer options on your phone.
  4. Go to Settings » Developer options » WebView Implementation » and select Google WebView.
  5. If in case you don’t see WebView Implementation option, you need to install Android WebView manually to your phone.
  6. To do that, download the Android WebView apk appropriate for your device architecture from this link.
  7. Once downloaded, install the Android WebView apk to your phone like you’d install any other APK file.
  8. Refer to Step 4 again and set WebView under Developer options.
  9. Once done, reboot phone to recovery and flash the appropriate GApps package.

That’s it. You Google Plays Services error should be fixed now on your Android device running CM13, CM14/14.1 or any other AOSP ROM.

Happy Androiding! 

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