Fix for Voice (Microphone) Problem for Viber on Galaxy S

Viber is a pretty famous and much used Android app for making free calls and sending free texts to others. However, on the Ice Cream Sandwich custom ROMs for the Galaxy S (and other Galaxy S variants), there is a problem that people face while using it. Whenever you make a call with Viber, the person on the other side cannot hear your voice. Of course, that is something that kills the use of the free voice calls altogether.

The team working behind Viber is aware of this, but according to them, it is not fixable from their end, so Galaxy S owners running the custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs have been left in the lurch. However, now there is a custom fix available for it, posted by XDA modder mcse_hst. It involves editing the build.prop file on the phone and changing all GT-I9000 entries to SGH-I9000 in the build.prop file, which somehow fixes the problem.

So, if you’re running an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on your Galaxy S and face this problem in Viber, head on to the source page on XDA to find out how exactly you can solve the issue on your Galaxy S. Do let us know in the comments how the fix works out for you.


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