Extraordinary back covers of Galaxy S6 rumored!

Time for smart covers, eh? Well, if rumors are true, Samsung could soon make you buy its accessories, after all. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to feature a connector at its rear, where you could attach a special back cover dedicated to do a particular function. Like, one that measures sugar level in blood, a camera lens, an e-Ink display, or a fitness trainer with capability to connect with fitness machines, too.

Sounds amazing? That’s because it is. Only if could come true, of which there are only slim chances. Not that it’s impossible to pull off for Samsung, but it looks unlikely given what and what Samsung could do in one single year, in spite of the dire need it’s really in after the Galaxy S5 aftermath.

It’s rumored to cut down the software cruft of TouchWiz, and also revamp the aesthetics of Galaxy S6 to glass back and metal sides. Further, the company is also planning a double edges on Galaxy S Edge. And a new smartwatch, codenamed Orbis, which will feature a rotating bezel! Don’t you think Samsung’s already doing an overtime?

But these back covers could be real for, say, Galaxy Note 5, that belongs to a series that is Samsung’s revenue ship right now.

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Here’s more on the back covers as was said in the rumor.

First. Using a back cover, one can keep track of the sugar level in the blood, and it can also sync the data with S Health, Samsung’s proprietary fitness app. We have no idea of how it’d work, but it’s said to be. Second, this back cover could serve as E-Ink display, allowing you to do the reading work on this battery-efficient display rather than firing up that power-hungry Quad HD panel for little thing a reading simple text.

Third, this back cover can connect to other fitness devices that you may have, and can keep track of your fitness things: steps, calories burned, etc. stuff, while also able to sync the data with S Health. Last but not the least, fans of photography will be able to attach a better and bigger camera lens using a back cover too.

Samsung looks set for Galaxy S6 Release in March this year, with the announcement expected on March 2, at MWC, in Barcelona.

Source: Android.com.pl | Via: PhoneArena

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  2. No front speakers, not a chance I’m buying

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