Endomondo Android App: Track Down Everything about all your Outings

Endomondo Sports Tracker Free Android App

Walking, jogging, biking, cycling or anything you do outdoors can be tracked down easily with the Endomondo Sports tracker. It’s all you need to check out how much calories you just burnt or still need to, before heading south. And yes, you are not alone here too, since you are always connected to friends for some cool and jealous (for ladies, probably!) moments.


  • Front screen can be customized to suit the essential needs of the user
  • Countdown available
  • Records distance, time taken, speed, altitude, heart rate and calories burnt
  • Tells you the outlines of the trip by speaking out
  • Supports music playback too – within the app facility
  • Lap times are recorded and saved for further analysis in future
  • Maps show your position and track down your journey
  • Remain connected with friends with Peptalks
  • The app is intelligent enough to auto-pause recording as and when required – for accurate analysis
  • Oh, you will love this – you can even go to web for in-depth analysis and monitoring competitions

Surely, we are totally in awe of this app, no matter how many different apps of this kind we have tried and run through. Must-try, Must-have app it is.

Even if you are not that health conscious and really don’t mind using it for mapping down calories burnt, it’s got some fun too to impress upon your kind. We’re talking about holding competitions — racing, biking, hiking or anything that’s your type — this app would come very handy. For more fun, record your heart rate when on date or…. you know the rest.

Download Endomondo Sports Tracker for FREE from the android market.

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android market link, official page.

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  1. Hey guys,

    We released a cool app you might find interesting. It’s called Bike Doctor and it shows you how to repair your bike. If while you’re out doing some awesome cycling something crops up it’s useful to have the instructions there with you. (It certainly saves a load of money compared to taking it to a bike shop). Do let me know if you’d be keen on featuring it and I’ll get you a free download.


  2. @ Andreas

    I like the idea of your app, Bike Doctor. I see there are no apps like yours in the android market.

    BTW, since we review the app only if we like it, there is no question of us accepting any gifts, etc from developers.

    But yes, mostly we review free apps since they are available to everyone, but since Google has added many more countries to full access to android market including pad apps, we will be reviewing paid apps also, yours being first.

    Your app will get a review — like that of Endomondo above — very soon.

    Nice work with the app! (do make a free (lite/trial) version available, if you could, and let us know).


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