EE plans Samsung Galaxy Note 2, release date pegged at Oct 15. Will be 4G-ready!

EE UK has confirmed that it would be carrying Samsung’s latest offering, the Galaxy Note 2 from October 15th. And what’s more, the Note 2 would be 4G ready, allowing users to enjoy blazing fast data speeds on EE UK’s soon to be launched 4G network, which would be initially available in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol.

For those of you who came in late, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE comes packed with a 5.55″ HD display – 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. It also comes with the S-pen, which can not only be used to scribble on the super-sharp screen, but also to perform a wide array of other actions.

Users planning to buy this baby on Oct 15th, which is less than a coupe of weeks away, will be able to do so under an existing Orange or T-Mobile contract. Once the EE UK 4G service is launched in the coming weeks, the option to switch to EE would be made available.

So if you’re  towards the fag end of your service contract, this would be a great time for you to get hold of this awesome device. of course, there are a variety of other devices which would also be available alongside the Note 2 LTE, but this would be a great opportunity for all the bigger-screen lovers out there to grab one.