Easy One Click Root for Nexus S [Full Guide]

Nexus S One Click Root

Good news to you Nexus S users out there who were waiting desperately for a quick tool to root the latest Google-sanctioned phone. Called the Superboot – of course, named after your Google super phone – it requires just one click and one boot thereafter on Windows PC to root the Nexus S, giving you the superuser status along with the SU app. Call it a Christmas treat!

You need to unlock the bootloader (detailed instructions here) on your Nexus S. For windows, you can do this by the following command:

‘./fastboot-windows oem unlock’

The above command will result in loss of data (even internal storage), so make backup before that in your phone’s sd card.

Note that we won’t be responsible if this method damages your phone or bricks it. You only will be responsible. So, apply this at your own risk!

Before downloading the superboot file, check the ‘about’ screen of your nexus S. This is required to determine which version of superboot you are gonna need.

Download link for Superboot: Mediafire Link. This is for XXJK8 ROM of Nexus S.

MD5 check – 809a8e41ae8f0bb88b870cf1865aedff

Okay, here is what you need to do:

  • Download the superboot file from the link above (here, again) and save it on your Desktop. Then extract it to a folder of your choice (just remember it though!)
  • Now, switch off your phone.
  • Put your Nexus S in bootloader mode. For this, hold the Volume Up button and press the Power button while holding it.
  • If you’re on Windows, run this file – ‘install-superboot-windows.bat’ (double click to run it). That’s it, your phone is rooted when you boot up the device.
  • Mac users: Open the terminal window to the folder where you extracted the files and enter: ‘chmod +x install-superboot-mac.sh’ followed by ‘./install-superboot-mac.sh’
  • Linux users: Open the terminal window to the folder where you extracted the files and enter:  ‘chmod +x install-superboot-linux.sh’ followed by ‘./install-superboot-linux.sh’

The superboot image is ‘insecure’ and grants you ‘ADB remount’ usability as also full ADB root access.

Well, it’s the easiest root for now, but it still a level below compared to rooting with Z4Root android app. So, keep watching this space since we will keep sharing with you more great stuff as and when it comes. But for the time being, let’s say great thanks to Mr. Paul, who brought this method to us.

Oh, by the way, there is a new hack going around. New android market in Blue, Red and Black color, be sure to check out.

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