Easily Create GIF Video Clips on your Android device using Aarts

Animated Gif images are becoming way too popular in almost all Social Networks and blogs to express their views in the form of short recorded video loops. But did you know that you can make your own animated GIFs with manually on your Android, and then share them instantly? If  not check out the new Gif maker on Google Play Store called Aarts.

Aarts is the premier app for creating artistic and inspirational GIFs quickly. It provides you the tools to create short clips that are shareable across all social networks, including the app’s own galleries at Aarts.co The UI of the app is quite simple and very feasible to record a short video and convert it a Gif image. The cool thing about this app is that you can add a few customizations to the Gif image before using it. You can brighten, sharpen, replace colors and make Gifs black and white and many more. The user has the flexibility to review his Gif image using the slider provided before confirming it.

One additional feature that is noteworthy is that you can alter the frame-rate of your Gif image i.e you can either speed up or slow down the graphic content in your image. The app runs smoothly on high end devices but shows a slighter lag in the lower end devices.

So what are you waiting for? Go and make your own Gif images and post them in your Social network accounts and make your friends & foes go crazy about your little creation. Grab the link below to download Aarts android app on your device.

The Good
  • Loop parts of Gifs
  • Slow down and speed up Gifs
  • Customizing options for editing Gifs
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

 Download Aarts