Take Selfies easily with just a Whistle to your Phone’s Camera

Have a habit of capturing photos from your smartphone’s camera? or are you a selfie junkie? Then here is an app that you must definitely lay your hands on to make your photography much more enthusiastic and fun. Try the Whistle camera app on the playstore to experience the new level of excitement and fun which makes your memories last long.

Whistle camera is a photography app with a simple interface that offers multitude of options to capture a shot from your snapper. The app provides a unique feature of capturing pics by blowing a whistle which provides a great degree of comfort when capturing a selfie. The app recognizes the whistle and starts a countdown so that you can prepare for the shot. The app also provides flexibility to change the whistle recognising sensitivity in the app settings. Now you can take pics while driving just by hanging your device to the wind shield and blow whistle whenever you want to capture a picture.

Further more selfie junkies have another option to capture your selfie using the Volume up button. The count down timer is configurable up to 10 seconds which lets you to adjust your posture quite comfortably. The app provides an auto focus option and also produces a high quality pics with an optimum picture size. The app also provides an in-built gallery app to easily view your captured pics with an option to edit pics as soon as you capture them.

The app also provide a Pro version for removing ads and offering more features to the user which are available as in-app purchase from the developer. So what’s the delay, download the app quickly and capture beautiful pictures from your device just by blowing a whistle.

The Good
  • Hands free with Whistle detecting option
  • Capturing with Volume Up button is a relief for selfies
  • High quality pictures at low size
  • Count down option for posture adjustment
The Bad
  • Whistle sensitivity might not be suitable for noisy places

Get it on the play store using the link below.

 Download Whistle camera


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