Choose perfect pictures from your gallery using Pic Perfect

The one annoying thing of a serious photography is to choose the best of your captured pictures from a heap of pictures and store them somewhere else. This task becomes more tedious if you are using burst mode camera option to click a few tens of pictures to capture a moment. Now choosing the best picture is far more easy and fun with the Pic Perfect app available in the Playstore.

Pic Perfect is a must have app for burst mode camera users and for people who take lots of photos. Pic Perfect helps you find the best image out of a set you choose by showing you two at a time, side by side, and then giving you options to copy/move/delete/share them. With it, you no longer have to flip back and forth between images in your gallery to pick the best photo for an album cover or to post on Social Networks. And it’s even more ideal for burst mode, since it will disregard pictures it can guess you don’t want (You can turn off this feature if you want).

Pic Perfect offers two modes to select pictures from a group of pictures. The first one is Quick Mode which is perfect for a sequence of pictures with minor differences (such as those taken with burst mode). The app will show you pairs of images to compare and select the better of the two, and will intelligently narrow down the set of images until you find the perfect pic. The second mode is Complete Mode which is Perfect for a set of unrelated pictures like the pictures in an album. The app will show you each image, and you compare two at a time to eventually find the perfect pic.

The app also allows you to zoom the pictures while comparing them side by side. Now you can save your valuable time by installing this beautiful app on your device and choose the best photos in your gallery. So scroll below to install the Pic Perfect app from the Google Playstore.

The Good
  • Perfect UI for comparing pictures
  • Intelligent algorithm for selecting best pics
  • Ability to zoom pictures while comparing
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

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