Droid Razr HD Images Appear Online. Welcome the Full Kevlar Back Plate!

Droid Razr HD is not only the next Droid device by Verizon, but it’s also Motorola’s next huge device which the company will be looking forward to light up its fortunes with. While we haven’t heard an official word on this device yet, but thanks to someone generous enough, a couple of Droid Razr HD pics have gotten leaked on the internet. Speaking of which, there are two pics that have been leaked, one (at the top) showing off its full kevlar coated back surrounded lightly by a plastic frame, and second (at the bottom) featuring the side (should be left one) of the Droid Razr HD.

Looking at the device’s back, you can tell it’s headed to Verizon and boasts of the 4G LTE tag, which is common for all Verizon 4G devices this year, including the Verizon Galaxy S3.

Another leaked Droid Razr HD pic, showing off the (left?) side, tells us this device will have HDMI and Micro USB ports on this side, rather than the bottom of the device as was the case with original Droid Razr. Earlier Motorola devices, the Droid X and X2, Bionic, etc. had these ports in left side only.

Looking at these Droid Razr HD shots we can say we are totally impressed with it even though the camera setup at back, occupying the middle space with external speaker and flash on left and right side of it, mimics that of Galaxy S3. The full kevlar back looks promisingly good, that we gotta admit.

Moreover, the hump so typical with Motorola devices, like on Razr, Droid X and X2, etc., is gone. This does give the Droid Razr HD a nicer than before looks (comparing to Droid Razr) and was sort of required too since it’s said Motorola has decidedly used 3300mAh battery inside the device, as it did with the Droid Razr Maxx – which is good. But, we that massive battery in the back, we don’t expect Droid Razr HD to be Droid Razr-like 7.1mm slim, and we feel it’s something around 9mm like the Droid Razr Maxx. Still, it’s totally worth it.

That said, we would be even more happier to see the front and the other side of the device, as well as top and bottom, but that’s that for now with the Droid Razr HD leaked images. And yes, the Droid Razr HD’s side got typical awesome Motorola’s metallic finish which really is making the Droid Razr HD stand out.

While the release date, specs and everything else is completely unknown at the moment, it’s said that device could be launching in some 2 months or so, and that it might feature an amazing screen and a 13MP camera. And that’s not all — the most exciting of these rumors, at leats to me, is that the Droid Razr HD will feature on-screen buttons, which are trademark of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and which we’ve comes to love so much on Galaxy Nexus.

So, how does it look to you?

Droid Razr HD Pics

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