Droid 4 Rumored: Called Maserati Internally, and Supports LTE

In the far rumor world, Droid 4 is already grabbing headlines quite secretly. It’s said Droid 4 is nicknamed as ‘Maserati’ at Moto offices, and that it supports LTE 4G tech — which we and you wanted on Droid 3 but knew was preserved for Droid 4, right?

What else? Well, there is a full physical QWERTY slider keyboard (since it’s a Droid successor) but the strange thing is the reported absence of D-Pad on keyboard, although we won’t miss it.

Price, Launch Date and other Specifications are obviously not-at-all known or in-rumors right now but we think we will know more in the coming few months now that the first rumors have come. Being a droid, we have no doubt it’s destined to one and only, Verizon Wireless.

So, is it gonna be your favorite keyboard android phone till date, with LTE on the list? Think Moto and Verizon will surprise you with Android 4.0 pre-installed on Droid 4? Or, they are just gonna keep it for Droid 5? Sound off in comments below.

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Kapil Malani

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