Droid 2 rumored to come pre-installed with Froyo on August 23

Droid 2 Launch Date August 23

You know Droid X is releasing on July 15, but what about Droid 2, the spiritual successor to notorious Motorola Droid, hmm?

Well, we had a lot of fun with rumors/leaks about Droid X and I think it’s time for Droid 2 to get its share of fun. No? Going by this, the gossip we heard tips an August 23 launch date for Motorola Droid 2, obviously headed exclusively to Verizon in US.

Want more? Here is what you want deadly. Yes, it will come pre-installed with Android 2.2, Froyo. Naturally the original Droid 1 cannot be behind and thus will get Froyo in late July while the next destination for Android 2.2 will be Droid X in August.

Since the internals of Droid X and Droid 2 are very similar (and that’s why we call them twins), if Droid X gets Froyo in August, it would not be hard for Motorola/Verizon to transcribe it onto Droid 2 too, and that suffices for the late August release date also.

There is no word on pricing, not even in rumors/leaks, but expecting $199 tag with a 2 year contract is quite obvious.

We might see some serious competition to Droid 2 in Samsung Captivate at AT&T or Samsung Vibrant releasing on July 21, approx. one week later from Droid X.

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