XXKP4 Firmware — Update Galaxy S2 to Ice Cream Sandwich Unofficially

Samsung’s promised Ice Cream Sandwich update — scheduled for Q1 2012 by the company — is ages away, so when a firmware leaks on the Internet, we’ve a reason to celebrate. One new firmware to leak today is XXKP4, which is meant for Europe only even though it works for every international Galaxy S2, with model number i9100. It’s based on Android 4.0.1, btw.

Though, it needs mention that XXKP4 isn’t the only firmware to leak today, and what seems to an even better version of leaked Android 4.0 firmware for Galaxy S3, XXKP8 is leaked out too, and it’s based on Android 4.0.3. See XXKP8’s guide here.

I would recommend you to install XXKP8 in place of XXKP4. But if you want to install XXKP4, you can follow the sort guide below. If you need a detailed step-by-step guide, head to XXKP8 page (linked just above). It’s a detailed step-by-step guide of XXKP8’s installation and you won’t need anything else. DOWNLOAD XXKP4 from here and follow the XXKP8’s guide, by replacing the content of XXKP8 in that guide to that of XXKP4 and follow the guide. It should be simple because it really is. And if you get a problem, ask in comments below, I’ll be happy to solve.

Ok. Still, a short guide to install XXKP4 — download the XXKP4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware, extract it, open the Odin, enter phone in download mode and connect to PC then, select *CODE* file in PDA, *MODEM* file in Phone, *CSC* file in CSC and lastly, .pit file in PIT tab — and that’s it, hit START on Odin and XXKP4 will be flashed on your phone.

Btw, you can install from Android 2.3.x to XXKP8’s Android 4.0.3 directly without problem. And to go back to Android 2.3.5, download and install XXKH3 on your Galaxy S2.

Share your thoughts about the XXKP4.XXKP8 in comments below.


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